The Origin of Green Coffee

Green low beans are beans that haven’t been roasted, they are the purest kind. These raw beans are accustomed to creating the, so-called, low extract.

There are several low manufacturing countries in the world, most of which are located on the equator. Since the climate is good for growing low trees, these equatorial countries are the biggest producers of low beans.

These trees have a tall bush in which these low beans grow, the low beans themselves come after the seeds, which are referred to as the low cherry fruit.

A green seed extract has only recently hit the headlines. it has been proven to be one of the most effective weight-loss dietary supplements on the market nowadays.

Perfect Climate for low Trees to Grow

Countries in Africa, South Asia, Central, and Southern America are massive producers of low beans. The climates in these regions are hot and have the right amount of rain – two essential weather conditions for the coffee to thrive in. Low trees grow best in temperatures of around seventy degrees and they need a 90% rain humidity, as well as a reasonably high altitude, therefore countries on the equator have the best conditions for the coffee to thrive in.

A typical coffee tree will survive for up to sixty years, though some trees are known to live longer. Low trees usually don’t manufacture any fruit (cherries) throughout the primary 5 years since their planting, as they use these years to settle. Low trees don’t tolerate frosts or dramatic changes within their surroundings, thus if there ever happens to be a severe natural weather change it will have a dramatic effect on the crop.

The low ‘Cherry’ Fruit Explained

The Low “cherry” is the fruit of the tree that usually contains two beans. There are sometimes those which contain only one bean and they are known as “peaberry’. These are usually discarded or sold to a low market.

Many of the producer’s hand pick the cherries from the trees and have been growing coffee for generations for over a thousand years. These producers, thanks to the high demand for these seeds, have created a large business. The consumption of these seeds has magnified over the last few decades which resulted in this product being high in demand from all over the world.

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