Natural breast augmentation

Big breasts are a symbol of femininity

Natural breast augmentation
Natural breast augmentation

And what if you are not gifted? Implants are not the only solution! We will show you how to naturally enlarge your breasts.

Are beautiful and big breasts really that important? It is completely different when you look at it from a male rather than from a female perspective. Men just love them. Some like them big, some a little smaller, but only a few men will be enthralled with a female body without those beautiful curves. Women, on the other hand, are very difficult to please. Oversized breasts are usually annoying, breasts that are too small cause a complex itself, and little to no women are delighted with what is under their shirt. We press them, push them into bras with push pads, make them stand where we imagined, all to have the perfect décolleté. A beautiful neckline attracts male attention, or can even be used as a distraction if you’re in the middle of a serious conversation.

There is this natural need to please the surrounding people, and the need to appeal to the opposite sex. It is also important to love yourself. You need not be astute to understand how high the curves, good breasts, and perfect buttocks rank high in sex appeal. There is speculation that we are so naturally programmed as these attributes show fertility. There is also speculation that they train us to appreciate these qualities because small breasts are as equally functional as large ones.

In recent years, fashion makers have been trying to convince us otherwise by forcing models that are skinny, anorexic, and oblong to model, but somehow they fail. Plastic surgeons have more and more work to do, they implant implants in the breasts, buttocks, lips, all for sex appeal. That is why girls who do not have a lavish bust (or almost have none) need to know how to naturally enlarge their breasts. However, surgery is a more drastic and painful procedure that can have unintended consequences.

What are breasts growing from?

Breasts grow at puberty and their size depends on genetic predisposition. They grow until the early twenties, but certain factors can cause them to grow beyond that period. Some of such factors are pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The natural creams for breast enlargement are also a great way.

Breasts are made of adipose tissue, so it is one of the factors that affect their size and amount of adipose tissue in your body. If you are thin and have no curves, know that one answer to the question of how to enlarge your breasts naturally lies in the answer to the question of how to gain weight.

However, who else wants to gain weight to have large breasts? The goal is a flat belly, a slim waist, and a lush corset. Which can afford you breast augmentation with your adipose tissue?

Besides the fact that bodyweight influences breast enlargement, it should be noted that hormones also play a role. In most cases, we are not at all aware of their importance. They regulate many functions in our body, from feelings of happiness or sadness to the shape and size of the bust. For this issue, we can especially emphasize the importance of estrogens, progesterone, prolactin, and human growth hormone.

Estrogen is the hormone responsible for typical female characteristics, including curves. Estrogen-rich foods can be a good way to breast augment naturally. Contraceptive pills with a high dose of estrogen work in the same way.

Progesterone is credited with having a menstrual cycle once a month, but also for some side effects that precede monthly bleeding such as breast augmentation.

Prolactin is a mammary gland hormone, responsible for the accumulation of fat in the breast. It is mostly excreted during pregnancy and lactation, but certain herbs and breast massage can stimulate its growth.

The human growth hormone is responsible for the growth of all organs in the body. It reaches its peak in adolescence but does not end thereafter. You can stimulate it with an adequate diet, rest, and exercise.

Well, then how to enlarge your breasts naturally?

Natural breast enhancement
Natural breast enhancement

If you encourage the production of the right hormones, your breasts can get bigger.

If you’re wondering what to eat for breast growth, here’s a good list. It is true that foods are mostly of plant origin, but not only. Estrogen and phytoestrogen play a major role in them.

In short, estrogen-rich foods are: certain types of fruits, almonds, vegetables, cereals, seeds, spices and herbs

Foods rich in phytoestrogen include soy, peas, prunes, strawberries and berries, green tea, red wine, nuts, and pistachios.

But here’s a more detailed list and specific suggestions:

What foods to eat to get bigger breasts

Flax seeds and other seeds

Flaxseed contains nutrients, the most important of which are fibers. They also contain antioxidants and estrogen. Not only will it help you have bigger breasts, but it will also have a beneficial effect on your health. Besides flax, you can include sesame seeds and sunflower seeds in your diet, and the increasingly popular chia seeds.


Nuts are rich in Vitamin B6, which aids in circulation. Combined with breast massage, which also improves circulation, they can be the right choice when looking for foods for larger breasts. Also, nuts contain healthy fats, proteins, and estrogen-like isoflavone. The best foods that grow breasts in this group are almonds, peanuts, pistachios, chestnuts


Milk is rich in estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin. This hormone determines breast size in all mammals. If you like milk and dairy products like cheese, butter, yogurt, and more – bingo! This is a great food for bigger breasts to enjoy.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are not the richest in phytoestrogens similar in structure to estrogen and have similar effects on breast growth. However, it is believed that green leafy vegetables can also be effective in reducing testosterone produced by the female body. Testosterone is a male hormone, responsible for typically male characteristics. The excess of this hormone in women also means a smaller effect of estrogen, thus fewer breasts. Eat kale, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, sprouts, and more.



Fennel is a plant good for overall health and immunity. However, if you are interested in breast augmentation foods, then you probably want to know that he is good in the field. Fennel is good because it is rich in phytoestrogen and prolactin. It stimulates breast growth.


Have you ever heard of beer growing out of beer? There is a bit of truth in every story, even with beer. This extremely popular beverage is made from hops, and hops are responsible for breast augmentation because it is rich in prolactin and phytoestrogen. You can also try hops tea for this purpose, but it is not an everyday ingredient to help grow breasts. That’s why we mention beer here. Some other beer ingredients, such as yeast and B vitamins, are great for hair growth. Learn more about using beer for your hair.


Proteins are important for breast growth because they support tissue growth. But not only for that. They play an important role in the construction of hormones, and we have already said how important individual hormones are for breast growth.

Protein-rich foods include chicken, fish, red meat, lentils, and the aforementioned nuts. These breast growth foods are rich in mono-saturated fats that are scattered throughout the body, including the breasts, and thus support breast growth naturally.

Breast Growth Soybean

The number one food you have heard of in this respect is soy. But how does soybean work for breast growth? And it contains estrogen-like foods that support breast growth, with Genistein highlighted. So any food rich in soy is good for breast growth. If you read labels, you will find soybeans where you do not expect them. However, choose it in the most natural way!



Fruits containing estrogen-like compounds can help to enlarge your breasts. Like many other plants, fruits contain fibers. The best food items in this group are apples, strawberries, cherries, peaches, oranges, melons, plums.

Don’t overdo it because it contains fruit sugar that you can blame if you put on a pound of excess.

Sea food

Seafood can stimulate the production of sex hormones and thus speed up breast growth. Manganese found in foods of this origin speed up the production of estrogen in the body. Consume shellfish, shrimps, algae, shrimp, and other seafood.

So, as you can see, you can eat diverse and healthy, and enjoy it.

Foods to avoid

foods to avoid

And with what foods for larger breasts are desirable, then we should also mention one is not on that side of the seesaw.

Foods such as sweets, fried foods, and oily foods should be avoided although you will enlarge your breasts thanks to it.

As body fat increases, so do breasts. Still, the price of this is a health and not very enticing figure.

Sugar and other carbohydrates

Sugar is one food to avoid. However, it is not so easy. First, the sweets are delicious and hard to resist. Second, there is sugar where you don’t expect it.

It is like carbohydrates in the form of dough, pasta, rice, and cereals.

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