Green Coffee Bean Max

Is this for real?

green coffee capsule
Green coffee capsule

More and more people are talking about Green Coffee beans similar to their experiences with using Green Coffee Max. Of course, shared experiences make them curious. does one want to appear within the mirror again with pleasure? does one want to slim now with no side effect?

For many women and men, weight may be a constant problem. Because we are running out of energy and time, the matter is usually simply suppressed. Unfortunately, because there are indeed treatments that make it possible to induce eliminate overweight once and for all.


Green Coffee Bean Max is absolutely the best product you can find nowadays for fast forward weight loss. I’m sure you heard of it before. Last time I watched Dr. Oz talking about it, I found myself with a huge question mark above my head.

Is this for real? Does it really work the way he claims it does?

Green coffee bean max supplement for weight loss

Let’s start from the beginning. What is the difference between regular coffee beans and green ones? Is that the same coffee?

Green coffee beans are identical as regular coffee beans, except that they need not yet been roasted. they’re high during a substance called Chlorogenic acid.

Yes, it is! The roasting process destroys 90% of Chlorogenic Acid. Exactly this component starts the fat-burning process in our body and is considered a major antioxidant.

Chlorogenic Acid

Studies have shown Chlorogenic Acid can reduce weight, reduce the fat stored within the liver and reduce the fat absorbed from the diet.

Chlorogenic acid has also been shown to dramatically improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels. These are important risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

green coffee fat burner

In general, green tin can have a positive effect on how our bodies absorb and use carbohydrates.

It seems that adding Chlorogenic Acid reduces glucose absorption! This effect on glucose metabolism could play a protective role within the management of diabetes, and should also explain the results on weight.

There are so many reasons to give it a try.

Green coffee bean max side effects

This product is absolutely safe to use. It is 100% organic and has no side effects but one that most of us accept with joy – Weight Loss! You can find here about Weight Loss and Green Coffee.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine then you must watch out with green coffee extract. Chlorogenic acid may have a laxative effect and cause diarrhea.

Some have a sensitivity to green coffee beans. If you’re allergic to coffee, then you must definitely avoid it.

Green coffee has been shown to be unsafe for pregnant women and nursing mothers and will not be consumed by children.

Obesity can be prevented easily

Green Coffee Bean Max

Even your doctor would recommend it. Green Coffee Bean Max works the way it inhibits fat absorption and at the same time stimulates liver metabolism to get rid of the fat easily.

Besides that, it inhibits the release of glucose into the blood, especially after the heavy meals, resulting in one thing again – Weight Loss.

Green coffee bean max ingredients

100% natural, with no additives, made from 100% pure green beans changed the lives of millions so far.

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Is Green Coffee Harmful?

Real, good quality green coffee is not harmful to health. It is the same coffee that you drink every day, but it is not roasted and thus contains more medicinal ingredients.

At one point, but, products of dubious quality appeared on the market that, besides green coffee, contained the harmful ingredient sibutramine. These products were withdrawn from the market in 2010 and are no longer available.

Green coffee vs green tea

We have already introduced green coffee and you can find more information at our link.

Green tea

Green coffee vs green tea
Green coffee vs green tea

Green tea is obtained from the plant it mostly grows Camellia sonances and is mostly in China and Japan.

I have known its healing properties for centuries.

The health benefits of green tea are many, ranging from the antioxidant effect and the maintenance of cardiovascular health to the great potential of losing weight.

The green tea plant contains caffeine and catechin.

These are the two main components of this beverage that help to lose fat.

Catechin provides several antioxidant benefits for the body, promoting weight loss by allowing the body to use energy stores from fat, while caffeine enhances thermogenesis, the fat-burning process.

Research has shown that daily consumption of green tea causes increased calorie consumption.

Passively increasing the number of calories burned and consequently speeding up your metabolism at rest or activity can lead to relatively visible changes in your body.

Survey studies have shown that regular consumption of green tea over 12 weeks can promote weight loss of up to 2.5 kg in individuals who respond to its active substances.

The calorific value of green tea is low.

A 200 ml cup of tea, if not sweet, contains only 2 calories.


If you’re wondering which of these two weight loss agents is the best, the answer is no winner.

Both green tea and green coffee have their advantages.

Many people experiment on their own, so they practice consuming green tea for 12 weeks and then consuming green coffee for 12 weeks.

Where to buy Green Coffee Bean Max?

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